In this game, you can fly in helicopters, drive APC's, fight on foot or shoot tanks.
There are many weapons to choose in playing as well as many detailed levels that you can explore.


* In Missile launch : if you are on the offensive team, you must raise missiles and if you are on the defensive team, you will have to keep the other team from raising missiles.

You will distinguish the missiles on the map by green circles. But when a missile is raised, it will flash by the red color and if the missile has been launched, you will see a solid red circle.
If you want to raise a missile, you must to go up to it and hold the "F" key and you will see it when it is being raised. If you let go, it will fall twice as fast as it raised.

The first missile may take 25 seconds to raise, the second will take 20 seconds, and the final one 15 seconds. Multiple players can raise a missile at the same time speeds up the time it takes.

* In Package Delivery: the objective is that you should to pick up the package which is in the white star on the minimap.
When you pick it up, you will see a green circle on the minimap and you need to drop the package off at this circle.
If the star is flashing by red color, that's means that the enemy has the package and you need to stop them before they drop it off at their designated spot.
If the star is by the green color means one of your team has the package. So, help them to deliver it by killing enemies and trying to stop them.
When the package is delivered, a new one will be parachuted into the level.

* Bomb Disposal: if you are on the offensive team, the objective is to disarm bombs in the office and if you are on the defensive team, you must keep the other team from disarming the bombs.
On the map, the bombs are marked by green circles. It will flash by red color if it is being disarmed. And the circle will be solid red if the bomb has been disarmed.
If you want to disarm a bomb, you must go up to it and hold the "F" key and if you let go, the disarm time will be increased twice as fast as it took to disarm the bomb.
The first Bomb may take 25 seconds to disarm, the second 20 seconds, and the final one 15 seconds. Multiple players may disarm a bomb at once speeds up the disarm time.

In the Team Deathmatch, your team will try to kill as many enemies as possible.
But, in the pistol deathmatch, everyone is lonely and has only pistols.

Your healthbar will be with purple color while you are invulnerable for 10 seconds when you respawn.

Each weapon has a different level of strength and weakness in terms of damage, range, fire rate, clip size, etc...

The head shots will do two times of damage.

The RPG with a green missile head does more damage but unguided.
The Guided missile can track the vehicle, just you aim at a vehicle until the red square and then you fire.
The missile will track the enemy until it runs out of fuel or hits it.
Helicopters have only three flares and they take 45 seconds to reload. In addition, missiles can be dodged only be a helicopter if it releases a flare.

You should notice that only the guided missile, the RPG, vehicle weapons and the Minigun can damage a tank.
An APC or helicopter can be damaged by all Rifle/AR/Sniper weapons but the rifles can reduce damage against those vehicles.

You should look for ladders in the level because ladders can be climbed to get to many places you can't in normal. Also, you must look for objects that you can jump onto because it will allow you to get to higher areas.

To get the best performance, you should make sure that you don't have a lot of tabs open. For ideal performance, you must only have the tab game opened and run it in full screen.
You can click on the gear icon/symbol from the main menu to turn on/off the graphics options.

The game doesn't contain ads in it.
If you have ad blockers or script blockers, you have to make sure that you whitelist the servers for the game to connect to it.

W ~ Forward
A ~ Left Strafe
S ~ Backwards
D ~ Right Strafe
C ~ Crouch Toggle
F ~ Enter/Exit vehicle (A message will display saying Press F to enter vehicle when you are close enough). Pickup or drop the package in the package game mode.
SHIFT ~ Hold breath when zoomed to steady your aim.
LEFT CTRL ~ Toggle sprint run
SPACE ~ Jump. After your first jump you can wall jump a couple more times off of a vertical surface to get to higher areas.
LEFT Mouse button ~ Fire
MIDDLE Mouse button ~ quick select knife (switches from active weapon to knife or from knife back to previous weapon)
RIGHT Mouse button ~ Zoom while held down
- ~ Minimap zoom out.
+ ~ Minimap zoom in.
n ~ Large minimap
1 ~ select primary weapon. (Your primary weapon can be set from the main menu)
2 ~ select secondary weapon. (Your secondary weapon can be set from the main menu)
3 ~ select pistol
4 ~ select knife
5 ~ Select grenades. (Press fire to cook the grenade, release fire to throw grenade). The grenade goes off after 5 seconds. You only 3 grenades a life.
6 ~ select BGM ( when fired it is a missile you can fly from the missiles view point). Press LEFT Mouse button to boost the speed of the missile, release LEFT Mouse button to slow it down. You only get one BGM missile per match so use it wisely.
7 ~ select airstrike (Aim at a point and press fire. Bombs will rain down on that point after a couple seconds). Good for stopping a point from being captured or a difficult enemy vehicle. You only get one airstrike per match so use it wisely.
0 ~ The zero key on the top of the keyboard will toggle the Frame rate display.
m ~ Main menu, from here you can customize your character, vehicles, set your weapon slots, turn on/off graphics options (click on the gear symbol/icon), view missions, and open crates.(edited)

W ~ Climb
A ~ Rotate Left (Yaw left)
S ~ Descend
D ~ Rotate Right (Yaw right)
C ~ Toggle view (third persona and first person)
Q ~ launch flares (to counter guided missile when you get the missile lock warning). You have 3 flares and they take 45 seconds to reload once out.
Mouse Up ~ Pitch nose down (You can invert this in the settings)
Mouse Down ~ Pitch nose down
Mouse Left ~ Roll helicopter to the left
Mouse Right ~ Roll helicopter to the Right
Mouse Left Click ~ Fire Missiles
Mouse Right Click ~ Hold to zoom