The whole game is fights in an island full of barrel bombs. You have to get away from it, otherwise it can explode into parts, if a smart player see you near the barrel, he will shoot it.

The ammunition available: machine gun, knife, grenade launcher, shotgun, double-barrel, sniper rifle, cannon,a laser, bandage, armor, revolver, rocket launcher and a tommy gun.

You can save yourself by trying to build walls. For example, you will need the iron to make iron wall, the wood to the wooden wall and the bricks to build brick wall.
In addition, You can use in building from iron the cars and suitable garbage, from wood the trees and wooden things and from bricks the brick houses walls and stones.
In this game, the players can gain achievements in the battle as: a butcher, a executioner, a exterminator, a hunter, a killer, a ninja, a veteran, a warrior, a sniper and a legendary. And skins.

The has many game modes:

1. The death match mode : in where players can descend by parachute and fight for endless.
After been killed, you can continue the battle game and parachute trying to get the first class.
To notice, only the true master can be the first.
The game will determine your level of skill using this formula: Damage done * Kills / Death + Victim skill * Magic.

2. The battle Royale mode : giving you the opportunity to build walls for shelter anywhere you want. The players parachuting can discover the map,weapons, ammunition and armor, also they can use wood for building walls and kill other players.
It is complicated because if you are outside of the narrowing zone, you will die, you should be always in the zone to survive. The winner will be the last surviving player.

3. The zombie mode : in which the players can't kill you, because you must be faces with zombies. You will be safe until the sun shines, but when in the night, zombies will come and you must kill them. You must build a strong defense to survive, so try to be survived as long as you can to win the game.