You have to create your colony by building various structures : First, you start by building resource production facilities for example a mine. Then, these different buildings will gather resources automatically over the time.
When, you built those different structures, you will be able to turn your attention to troops and defenses.

You should build many different troops to defend your colony, explore Mars planet and to seek out other life forms.
You can also upgrade your units and buildings and why not research new items in your progression.
This game has good graphics and a fun gameplay, so try to have fun and hurried to make your empire on Mars planet.

Try to build up your base and train your units to command them in action battles.
You will also prospect and mine the rare resource Millennium and you should secure the highest amount possible.
To do that, you must observe every move of your enemies on the map and loot their bases.

**Lead your army into war**

In Empire World War III, the strategy of your skills means the difference between victory and defeat.
You must choose a commander, according to your strategy, to lead your troops.
Also, you should train your armies and update your troops to increase your ability to dominate the battlefield.
Then, you have to research in economic, prospecting, defense and military technologies in order to suit your strategic needs.

**Dominate your rivals**

The warfare turns violent to sabotage and to eliminate competition.
You can be ally with the most powerful commanders to crush your enemies.


• Awesome game set in Mars planet.
• Place different buildings to build your base.
• Many military units to train, as the heavy troops and tanks.
• The minerals used as the main resources.
• An expandable base to occupy other areas.
• Play in team : colony's players and fight the others.