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The importance of maintaining friendships during this pandemic

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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has dismantled all the major pillars of the society and consequently, the normalcy that existed during the pre-corona times went for a toss. This global pandemic that we in the midst of us is something that none of us could have even thought of in our wildest dreams. That being said, no amount of discussions or contemplation of the bygone days would change the reality that lies in front of us. Therefore, the best we can do on our part is to make peace with the circumstances and accept things just the way they are.

The fact that the only means of curbing the spread of the virus would be by maintaining the norms of social distancing cannot be overlooked. However, there’s another side of the picture that makes this arrangement a bit more complicated. While staying afar from people might be the necessity of the hour but, it is this same detachment that can take a toll on your emotional and mental well-being. According to health experts, it is essentially “togetherness” that will take us through these testing times. Forming new bonds over the internet with someone you can trust with your feelings and share similar interests with, checking up on your best friends and rekindling some relationships that faded away with time is what will keep your hopes high and make you believe that there are indeed better days waiting to grace us.

The uncertainty is so overwhelming that a blanket formed from the amalgamation of anxiety and distress is enveloping us. Everyone in the society, from the biggies and the powerful to the ones who are persistently dominated by the influential figures are dealing with the repercussions of this pandemic. Man, as a social being have never had the habit of living in isolation for such a long time; his professional and domestic obligations took up most of his time and compellingly kept his mind occupied. Thus, as we have already mentioned in the preceding segment, drowning ourselves in nostalgia wouldn’t contribute in improving the situation and we will have to delineate means that will encourage us to capitalize on this downtime and work on the areas of the life that we knew were not up to the mark but, kept on denying.

Nothing compares to the warmth and affection of the people we love the most in preserving our sanity; and in the face of such crisis, they happen to be our safe havens. Pour your heart out to your loved ones and if it ever occurs to you that sharing your troubles with them can make them paranoid and come in the way of their well-being then find friends online and communicate your tribulations to them. Browse through some eye-opening friends quotes on the internet that will aid you in reinforcing your belief in companionship and the truth that after all, attachment with fellow human beings has their own sweet rewards!