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How can you find friends with great ease?

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According to a research published by the prestigious Harvard University, the lack of strong friendships or any relationship that is created on the foundations of mutual trust and affection increases the risk of premature death from all causes by 50%. For the uninitiated, this terrifying mortality rate is equal to the vulnerability caused by smoking 15 cigarettes in a day. You can be an introvert and deliberately want to be with yourself more than anybody else most of the time. However, if you are looking forward to fostering friendships but, somehow are not being able to tug the right chords, then here are a few things you can try.

• Be amiable

Ditch the superficiality where people think that feeding on an unpleasant attitude and being surrounded by an air of superiority will shower them with the attention that they deserve. In fact, the case is just otherwise. It is undoubtedly your first impression that will let people know whether or not they want to build a connection with you. Nothing attracts others more than a courteous smile and approachable disposition because they allow people to assume that you are available and up for a chat. Also, strive at being a good listener; paying heed to those little details and quirks in the conversations will increase your chances of finding friends.

• Have a positive attitude

You can only establish constructive and innocuous friendships when you feel positive and are ready to radiate that energy. Find out ways that will make others around you feel better and instill confidence in them to open up to you. Ask questions, encourage their endeavors regardless of how small they are, and validate feelings to affirm your new friends.

• Follow up

No relationship can thrive without some nourishment; staying in touch and looking out for each other qualify as the rudiments if friendship. It is easy to stumble on a person at a party or on a friendship app but, it is the following up that matters the most. If you ask for their e-mail address or phone number after a few meetings or even right after the very first interaction, it signifies that you are thanking them for their time and hoping to see them around. One of the major points from where an acquaintance can be transformed into friendship is committing to consistency.

• Be more engaged in things you enjoy

If you feel directionless as far as finding friends is concerned, the most efficacious way of nullifying the incongruities would be engaging in activities that make you and your heart go gaga! This implies that if you meet someone on one of these occasions, it would straightaway mean that you have certain things in common and you are less likely to run out of topics to discuss. Moreover, this way, you will be spared from the elaborate process of guessing what the other person is intrigued by and make way for smooth, easy-flowing tete-a-tetes.