The idea consists in two groups of players : the first takes the turn in drawing an image of a secret word, and the second one should try to guess the word before the expiring of the time.
The player who guess the word will get a score of point, and the fastest player will also get an additional bonus of points.
Finally, the person who will have the most points of scores in a series of rounds will win the game.

There are many players from all over the world that are invited to take part in battle. So, Drawaria Online is an io game which should be developed.

You must trying all available modes and customization options in this game by earning XP points and upgrading your skills to upgrade your personal character to the maximum level possible.
You can play this game solo, with your friends or with the other players online from all over the world. It is an unlocked and fully accessible version without any lags.

** Controls **
• Left mouse button to draw.
• Right mouse button to erase.
• Scroll to change brush size.
• Keyboard to chat.

** Shortcuts keys **
• B to brush
• E to erase
• F to fill
• Z or U to undo
• When choosing word: press 1, 2 or 3 to select corresponding word in list.