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Google has proclaimed the primary smartwatches battery-powered by its automaton Wear OS square measure currently offered for pre-order.

The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live - each that includes rectangular screens - mark an endeavor to standardise the method automaton wearable devices operate.

Google aforementioned that Motorola's circular Moto 360 wouldn't be free till "later this summer".

Analysts say the move to a unified approach may drive sales.

"The downside with smartwatches to date has been that the arena hasn't quite set what it needs to be - is it a phone on your wrist joint or an adjunct device," Steffen Sorrell, from the Juniper analysis practice, told the BBC.

"Once you introduce automaton Wear, it'll hopefully give a additional centered case for what the devices square measure capable of. and that is a direction that would invigorate the market."

LG aforementioned the G Watch would at the start be created offered to twelve countries as well as the North American nation, UK, France, Federal Republic of Germany and Japan, adding that it'd announce its worth and shipping date shortly.

Samsung aforementioned the Gear Live would be offered for delivery from seven Gregorian calendar month and would value $200 (£118).

Both need the owner to possess a phone running automaton four.3 or above.

Vibrating notifications

Google dedicated AN early a part of its I/O developer conference presentation in city to its new wearable OS.

David Singleton, director of engineering within the firm's automaton division, aforementioned one amongst its core aims was to be able to "quickly show you relevant data, and make certain you ne'er miss a very important message, whereas holding you keep engaged with the folks that you're truly with".

To achieve this, once notifications square measure received by the user's smartphone they'll be set to create the watch vibrate on the user's wrist joint.

If the owner then dismisses the alert and carries out a follow-up action on the watch, like programing a rendezvous, the small print square measure "immediately synched across" in order that the smartphone conjointly hides the notification and adds the meeting to its diary.

Users can even reject calls to their phone via the watch and choose a pre-set text message to elucidate why, and produce up map navigation.

Voice commands

Much of automaton Wear's computer programme (UI) depends on the firm's Google currently card-based system. It permits house owners to swipe up and right down to differing types of knowledge, and left and right to search out out additional a couple of specific topic.

However, mister Singleton's demonstrations at the event steered that his firm expects shoppers to hold out several of the watch controls by voice command.

Saying "OK Google" prepares the device to require AN instruction - the same as the method its Glass eyewear functions.

Android Wear will be accustomed reject phone calls, track fitness, settle for voice commands, estimate journey times, schedule appointments and store travel plans

Example tasks shown on stage enclosed setting reminders, taking notes, setting AN alarm and enjoying music.

Mr Singleton conjointly highlighted that several of the OS's functions would be triggered by "context", while not requiring somebody's action.

He showed however flight data may be flagged on the day of travel, a edifice reservation near the time of the booking, and native bus timetables once movement abroad.

He superimposed that this practicality was conjointly being created offered to third-party developers, giving the instance of an area being highlighted once the owner approached if it had been "pinned" by an acquaintance on the Pinterest social network.

Mr Singleton showed off Eat twenty four, AN app which will be accustomed order dish and pizza pie

Other samples of third-party software package enclosed AN app that produces it potential to order nutriment, and one that permits house owners to hail a taxi - each designed to involve few button presses.

The watch doesn't have access to a special store to transfer such apps, however instead mechanically gets them once the telephone set version is downloaded to a paired phone.


Analysis: Richard Taylor, North America technology correspondent

Android Wear presents a chance for Google to become the supplier of the "go-to" platform for smartwatches, stealing a go on Apple.

Until now, smartwatches haven't been really "smart", partially attributable to a scarcity of good apps.

Making the mobile version of automaton simply tweakable by developers to run on your wrist joint ought to deliver a large selection, particularly if they'll bring a deep integration together with your telephone set.

But abundant can rely upon execution; and for several use-cases, the case has nonetheless to be created for a 2in (5cm) screen to effectively replace the 5in one in your jeans pocket.

The smartwatch sector has still to prove it'll have mass attractiveness


'De facto standard'

One business watcher World Health Organization has tested a epitome automaton Wear device aforementioned he expected it to currently become the actual customary for wearable kit with screens.

"What Google is making an attempt to attain here could be a glanceable UI and that is the key to wearables," aforementioned mount Wood, from the CCS Insight school practice.

"Android Wear isn't a full OS, it's simply a smartphone companion, and my read is that is the right start line for Google at a time once most are feeling their method within the dark and making an attempt to search out a compelling case for what to try to to with it on the far side the essential stuff.

"I assume all alternative|the opposite} proprietary efforts with [Samsung's use of] Tizen and other proprietary software package can currently be pushed to 1 facet attributable to the general public awareness automaton Wear can generate, however {it can|it'll} become the main target for developers and also the proven fact that individuals will have the guarantee that they'll use one complete of automaton Wear watch with another complete of phone."

He added, however, that the voice commands may prove problematic in packed, creaking environments, noting that third-party developers as well as Minuum were already acting on automaton Wear keyboards to deal with the difficulty.

BBC News
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