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LG's new flagship smartphone is that the 1st to feature laser-assisted optical device to assist take sharp photos.

The South Korean firm proclaimed the feature at the worldwide launch event for the G3 telephone, control in London.`

The technology is intended to let the Android-powered device's camera focus in dim light-weight conditions and quickly lock onto moving objects.

Experts praised the innovation, however recommended its impact on the firm's world sales ranking would be restricted.

"Handsets are getting tougher to spot simply from the approach they give the impression of being," same Jasdeep Badyal from the telecoms practice CCS Insight.

"A device must have some standout options so once a shopper goes into a store the merchandiser will justify what makes it totally different from different smartphones.

"But it'll still be a troublesome battle for LG, notably owing to the larger selling budgets that Samsung, Apple and Sony have."

LG nearly doubled its telephone sales to customers from a pair of.6 million smartphones in 2012 to four.6 million in 2013, in keeping with school analysis firm Gartner.

However, over a similar amount the South Korean's smartphone market share solely rose from three.8% to 4.8%, with it remaining in fourth place behind Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

Laser-assisted phone

The G3 options a five.5in (14cm) screen with 538 pixels per in. creating it larger and better resolution than each its forerunner, the G2, and Samsung's G5.

LG compared the "quad HD" branded screen as giving an analogous level of detail to a prime quality art book and value-added that it had taken steps to limit the additional toll this upgrade would war battery life.

However the device's main thirteen megapixel rear camera includes a lower resolution than Samsung's.

But the camera is increased by the optical device machine Focus perform, that LG same allowed it to focus in zero.276 of a second - quicker, it said, than a human's brain signals go for reach their hand.

It works by causation out a powerless  ray of light that permits the device to live its distance from the photo's subject a lot of accurately than "phase detection" - the analysis of distinction and also the focus-assist lamps employed by another devices.


"I keep in mind Sony's early makes an attempt at laser-guided optical device, over a decade past, same Jon Devo, technical author at Amateur lensman magazine.

"It was conjointly spoken as 'Hologram AF' associate degreed worked equally to however an machine focus-assist beam on fashionable digital cameras works.

"One of the benefits of getting associate degree assist beam or optical device is that it will facilitate focus in extraordinarily low light-weight and even in lightlessness, though the strategy was generally slow.

"If the LG G3 will do this effectively and at speed, it might be a game-changing feature in mobile photography."

Selfie trigger

Other innovations proclaimed by LG enclosed the flexibility to trigger a photograph by creating a hand gesture at the phone, that triggers a brief reckoning before the shot is taken.

The firm recommended that this created the device ideal for "selfies".

However, it'll face competition from Huawei for this symbol.

The Chinese firm undraped its P7 telephone last month, that options associate degree 8MP front camera - considerably quite the two.1MP in LG's machine.

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