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Samsung is creating its own moveable Bluetooth speaker as a part of its new Level line of audio accessories, and also the product goes on sale these days on-line at its official store for $199. The device is certainly compact, associated it’s an all-metal product, that is uncommon for a Samsung piece of kit, however will it hold its own with the excess of existing product on the market, as well as those simply noninheritable  by Apple within the type of the Beats Pill?


    * MSRP: $199
    * Battery lifetime of fifteen hours
    * Bluetooth, NFC
    * constitutional speaker phone
    * Product information page


    * Attractive, compact, high-quality style
    * telephone interrupts line-in


    * Sound is simply smart, not great


The Samsung Level Box may be a well-designed piece of hardware. It options associate all-metal enclosure with a metal grille to guard the speaker elements too. Even the buttons ar metal, that bets the question: why most plastic on the phones after you will deliver a conveyable speaker with this sort of quality of build?

The design feels slightly like one thing Satyendra N. Bose would possibly place out, with associate tasteful look that matches in round the house in just about any setting, from room to room counter. It’s solid-feeling and serious, too, each of that purpose to a top quality of build and style that ought to rise to some light-weight sound regarding, too. The four buttons on high offer you access to most of what you would like, however the play/pause button appearance slightly like alien script till you notice what they’ve done.

Overall, this is often truly one among my favorite appearance for a conveyable speaker, and I’m affected Samsung was the one to drag that off.


Connecting to the amount Box with a Samsung device (or different automaton equipped with NFC) was straightforward enough, due to the NFC panel on the facet. it had been solely slightly less convenient to combine with my iPhone 5s, however. The association is solid and doesn’t waver in the slightest degree in my testing, too.

On the speaker, the buttons allow you to management volume and conjointly answer and finish calls, still as play or pause tracks. These conjointly worked well, and that i was pleasantly shocked to search out that notifications from your phone interrupt the audio even once you’re victimization it hardwired via the three.5mm line in jack on the rear.

As a telephone, it performs well, too, delivering audio that was straightforward for those I known as to grasp. except for music, the sound quality wasn’t all that nice. It’s lacking compared to the highest performers in its worth vary, just like the Jambox, as it’s a little tinny occasionally. however it’s still a awfully capable speaker, ciao as you’re not heavily into base, which is smart for alittle device like this.

Battery life performed as publicized , and that i was ready to use the speaker for a minimum of fifteen hours while not recharging, with a combination of wireless and wired usage.

Bottom Line

Samsung has created a line of audio devices that build it look like it had been discerning relating to the Apple Beats acquisition, and this speaker may be a smart initial effort out of the gate. the look blessings trump any minor audio defects, particularly at this worth and size vary, wherever you’re not progressing to get the most effective sound despite wherever you look. Most spectacular here is certainly the build quality; you’re progressing to build your phone desirous with this hardware if you’re a Samsung device owner already.
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The Galaxy S5 mini has leaked in new photos showing off the device's flagship-esque specs and style. (Photo : REUTERS/Albert Gea )

If new leaked photos persuade be correct, the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini goes to be the "Mini" version of the flagship customers hope for.

The SamMobile photos show a smartphone that appears terribly the same as the GS5, together with an equivalent back panel style and water-resistant rubber below the rear panel, GSMArena reports. The device additionally seems to feature an equivalent specs of its flagship companion, together with the heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanner.

While these leaks must always be loving a grain of salt, the photos square measure convincing. Check them out via GSMArena.

GFXBench has additionally recently offered up the alleged specs for the device, that is tied to the model variety model SM-G800H.

A 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 Super AMOLED display; robot four.4.2; a 1.4GHz Qualcomm flower four hundred processor; Adreno 305 GPU; one6GB of internal storage (12GB accessible for user); a microSD receptacle and 1.5GB of RAM. The device will feature associate degree 8-megapixel rear camera equipped with optical device and face detection and a 2-megapixel front facing shooter giving video chat. 1080pHD video are going to be accessible in each cameras and therefore the device can apparently be each waterproof and dustproof like its flagship companion.

The benchmark listing is not the 1st observance of the GS5 mini.

Samsung recently accidentally offered up the primary apparently official shot of the S5 mini to its web site, showing off a brand new style that comes equipped with a pleasant color palette and a smaller footprint, in step with informant @evleaks, United Nations agency tweeted a shot of the device.

In the screenshot, the S5 mini options the name "Dx" and is shown in inexperienced, gold, blue, white and grey. The image has since been aloof from the web site, CNET reports.

The S5 mini antecedently surfaced on Indian web site Zauba, that tipped it for a four.47-inch show, noticably smaller than the GFXBenchmark listing, however still a little larger than the S4 Mini's four.3-inch screen. CNET reports that the S5 mini can doubtless feature a lower screen resolution than the S5, however, to draw in customers on a lower budget.

Previous rumors have additionally advised the device can feature a four.5-inch Super AMOLED HD (720p) show.

It is unknown whether or not the S5 mini will feature the fingerprint scanner and pulse detector packed into the flagship S5.

Samsung has unveiled  a paradigm wristband which will be fitted with third-party sensors to assemble a variety of health knowledge regarding the wearer's body.

It additionally mentioned plans to store and share the data to supply insights to each the user and researchers.

The Simband device and Lappic (Samsung design transmission Interactions) platform were proclaimed at a press event control in point of entry.

One knowledgeable aforesaid their fate may depend upon the standard of information gathered.

Samsung mentioned having the ability to require precise readings for vital sign, blood flow, respiration, galvanic skin response, hydration, and gas and aldohexose concentrations within the blood among alternative body readings, also as knowledge regarding substances carried within the encompassing air - all on a tool no larger than existing smartwatches.

Dr Aiden Doherty, a senior health research worker at the University of Oxford, noted that consultants presently needed additional large, expensive instrumentation to try to to this dependably.

"There's a tension as a result of medical devices need to endure rigorous checks whereas shopper devices do not," he told the BBC.

"For any company or university or health research worker the quantity one issue is that a tool provides correct output, otherwise inaccurate knowledge would mean our insights would be inaccurate too."

Health knowledge defender

The South Korean firm has teamed up with Imec - a nanoelectronics analysis centre based mostly in Belgium - and therefore the University of American state, point of entry, to form the digital health initiative.

Samsung Electronic's chief strategy officer Young Sohn noted that the thought would solely return to fruition if "we all work along as one", signalling the firm's want for alternative health associate degreed technical school professionals to require half if Lappic was to become an trade normal.

To that finish, it secure it'd have a "beta" version of each the Simband and genus Apis (application program interfaces) for the cloud-based Lappic knowledge repository obtainable by the tip of the year, so alternative developers might take a look at ways in which to use them to gather and share knowledge.

Many company watchers noted that the announcement appeared shortly before Apple's developers conference, that begins on Mon. The iPhone-maker is thought to possess recruited many health device researchers of its own over recent years, and there's speculation it'll detail plans for its own health knowledge platform.

Although Samsung created clear that users would have management over however knowledge was shared and represented Lappic as a "custodian", it's cognizant of the potential profits the health sector holds. The firm noted itself at the event that $6.5 trillion (£3.9tn) was presently spent a year on international tending.

The practice firm IHS Technology recently forecast that the world marketplace for fitness, sports and activity monitors would rise from $1.9bn last year to $2.8bn in 2018.

But geographic area Milanesi, chief of analysis at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech recommended that total would be bolstered by the worth of add-on services.

"The platform behind the particular Simband shows that Samsung wish to be a key player within the net of things and large knowledge game, probably signalling that going forward Samsung needs to be additional like Google than Apple," she said.

Google has additionally unveiled  its own idea wearable this year - a "smart contact lens" that measures aldohexose levels.

Clip-on recharger

Other details disclosed at Samsung's event enclosed an inspiration to incorporate wi-fi and Bluetooth property within the Simband device.

To avoid a repeat of criticism levelled against its existing smartwatches, Samsung recommended that a magnetic charger may well be hooked up to the device whereas the user slept, to avoid them having to require it off in the dead of night.

It additionally recommended one attainable approach of presenting the information would be to supply a "wellness score" as an easy share read-out that might indicate the extent to that the wristband's owner was taking care of themself.

In addition, Samsung proclaimed it'd produce a $50m fund that might be awarded to participants in its new Digital Health Challenge, meant to spur on development of latest sensors and package.

The firm secure to reveal additional regarding the project at its annual developers conference, that last year occurred in Gregorian calendar month.

Apple is requesting a trial once a Californian jury ordered Samsung to pay the America company $119m (£71m) in damages for infringing 2 of its patents.

Apple had been seeking damages of $2.2bn once accusatory Samsung of repeating 5 patents as well as the "slide to unlock function".

The America company conjointly filed a cease and desist order to forestall Samsung exploitation the patents it had been found to own infringed.

Samsung filed court documents too however the contents haven't been created public.

During the initial trial Apple had suspect Samsung of "systematically" repeating options distinctive to its iOS software system. Samsung denied that it had traced Apple patents and aforesaid it had been Apple World Health Organization was doing the repeating.

The jury found that Apple had infringed some Samsung patents and awarded $158,000 in damages to the South Korean firm.

"Litigation fatigue"

Although the jury found in Apple's favour in respect of 2 of the patents, the damages awarded were abundant not up to the corporate had been seeking.

The verdict would are a blow for Apple aforesaid the BBC's North America technology correspondent Richard Taylor, speaking at the time.

"The figure would seem to mirror the jury's belief that Apple's settlement claim was below the belt inflated. Samsung argued right along that it ought to be way not up to the $2.2bn sought, not least as a result of a number of the patents were ne'er even incorporated into the iPhone's software system," he said.

This latest legal step is an effort by Apple to own its damages award accrued however it'd need a brand new trial.

Intellectual property Associate in Nursingalyst Florian Mueller thinks any new trial is unlikely to happen before an charm of the initial ruling.

"The decide could build some minor amendments to the decision then again she'll let the parties charm the unfavourable components of the ruling to the Federal Circuit. Thereafter, there is also a trial." he said.

These requests by Apple mark the most recent instalment in an exceedingly series of legal battles over material possession that the world's prime 2 smartphone manufacturers are fighting for years across several countries.

Two years agone, a separate jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $930m once finding it had used Apple technology. That finding continues to be being challenged by Samsung.

But Mr Mueller thinks Apple is also suffering "litigation fatigue", he recognized that Apple has not filed a America case against Samsung in additional than 2 years.

Apple recently settled a patent row with Google. the 2 corporations had filed many lawsuits against each other however they united to dismiss these cases and aforesaid they'd work along in "some areas of patent reform".
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 may be a high smartphone with plenty to shout regarding, however with hyperbolic pressure from HTC, Sony and LG, there square measure suggestions that Samsung is wanting to allow its flagship another boost.

Compare the build quality of the Galaxy S5 to the HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 and iPhone 5S and therefore the Samsung flagship feels low-cost as compared, whereas the total HD show is unlikely to be a match for the QHD providing on the future LG G3.

To tackle these 2 points head-on, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is seemingly being readied in Asian nation - with a bumped up screen and glossy new chassis.

Samsung corporate executive JK Shin has same it is not acting on a premium Galaxy S5, however the rumor mill is refusing to abate on the Galaxy S5 Prime chatter. Apparently there is a HTC One M8 Prime within the works too, that the QHD smartphone market can be close to extremely hot up.

There also are reports of a Galaxy S5 Active within the works, and it's value noting that a number of the leaks we're seeing can be in regard to the Active instead of the Prime.

Here's everything we all know up to now concerning the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

Cut to the chase

What is it? A premium version of the Galaxy S5
When is it out? it should launch in June 2014
What will it cost? At heap - quite this S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime unharness date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime unharness date is presently being tipped for mid-June, though this might well modification.

One report suggests the Galaxy S5 Prime is also pretty difficult to urge hold of, as complications within the production of the QHD show mean Samsung can solely create a restricted range of units.

These problems may even see the Galaxy S5 Prime unharness date shifted to late June or perhaps early Gregorian calendar month - it's troublesome to mention at the instant.

There's no guarantee that the S5 Prime can see a worldwide launch either, with a robust chance of the premium flagship solely seeing the sunshine of day in choose Asian markets wherever the specification war is rife.

 * browse our full Samsung Galaxy S5 review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime worth

When it involves the Galaxy S5 Prime worth you will not be shocked once we tell you it's progressing to be dear (that's if it truly exists, of course).

According to data garnered by Naver.com, the Galaxy S5 Prime can have a SIM-free launch worth of KRW 900,000 (about US$880, £523, AU$940).

The price in alternative territories is probably going to be on top of the conversions shown here because of taxes and alternative prices, putt the S5 Prime well on top of the S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime show

One of the foremost upgrades reported for the Galaxy S5 Prime is that the screen, with Samsung tipped to equip the French telephone with a five.2-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 show.

With multiple sources all inform towards the QHD show, it appears the foremost viable choice at now for the Galaxy S5 Prime.

The reasoning behind this call is questionable, because the current Galaxy S5 has associate degree impressive show that has been dubbed the most effective playacting smartphone screen by freelance benchmarkers.

A key consider the S5 Prime doubtless sporting a QHD show is what is happening over at Samsung's fierce Korean rival.

LG has confirmed it'll slap a QHD screen on its next flagship smartphone - the LG G3 - and therefore the S5 Prime can be Samsung's response in a trial to remain relevant in its national market.

That said, a lot of recently one or two of videos from TK school News have appeared on YouTube apparently showing a pre-production version of the S5 Prime with a full HD, 1080p show - matching that of the initial S5.

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