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The former "leader" of hacking cluster LulzSec has helped the law enforcement agency stop quite three hundred cyber attacks since his arrest on hacking charges in 2011.

The co-operation of Hector missionary Monsegur has helped to stop losses of legion bucks, per court documents filed by prosecutors.

Mr Monsegur are sentenced on Tuesday for his role in major on-line hacking attacks.

Prosecutors have suggested that he receives a reduced sentence.

LulzSec was shaped in around could 2011 once adult male Monsegur - conjointly referred to as Sabu - and 5 different members of the Anonymous hacking movement joined forces.

According to the documents filed with the court the cluster was accountable for "major hacks" into and "thefts" from pc servers happiness to corporations together with Fox tv, Nintendo and Sony.

Mr Monsegur was in remission in June 2011 and pleaded guilty, as a part of a co-operation agreement with the federal government, to 9 counts associated with pc hacking, amongst others.

'Extraordinarily valuable'

The documents that were filed during a big apple court last week state that adult male Monsegur's most substantial help came from his "co-operation against important cybercriminals" related  with Anonymous, LulzSec and web Feds - another hacking cluster.

Because of his facilitate the law enforcement agency say they were ready to establish, prosecute and convict the "number one cybercriminal target within the world" at the time - Jeremy Hammond.

He conjointly helped forestall major hacking attacks that were being planned by active cybercriminals.

Mr Monsegur was involved with hackers and received info from them concerning attacks that were being planned. He shared this information with the law enforcement agency.

Victims of the attacks were to incorporate the U.S. soldiers, the legislature and independent agency furthermore as a "television network, a game manufacturer Associate in Nursingd an natural philosophy conglomerate".

Electrical grid hack

"The law enforcement agency used this info, where possible, to stop or mitigate damage that otherwise would have occurred," the prosecutors' filing same.

"The law enforcement agency estimates that it had been ready to disrupt or forestall a minimum of three hundred separate pc hacks during this fashion.

"Although troublesome to quantify, it's possible that Monsegur's actions prevented a minimum of legion bucks in loss to those victims."

He is conjointly attributable with providing officers with info concerning vulnerabilities that would have crystal rectifier to attacks on a water utility for a U.S. town and a far off energy company.

"Law social control used the data Monsegur provided to secure the water utility, and therefore the info concerning the energy company was shared with acceptable government personnel," prosecutors same.

A program the U.S. electrical grid was conjointly found to be a hoax when adult male Monsegur communicated with members of Anonymous. This saved the govt "substantial time and resources".

Under U.S. sentencing pointers adult male Monsegur can be sentenced to between twenty one and twenty six years in jail.

Prosecutors have referred to as adult male Monsegur's facilitate "extraordinarily valuable and productive" and have suggested that his sentence is restricted to "time served". He has already spent seven months in jail when breaking conditions of his bail in 2012.
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