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Those of you on terribly high supermolecule consumption plans, if you would like to feature additional supermolecule to those, simply add one scoop of your vanilla supermolecule powder. and a few a lot of tablespoons of Greek yoghurt.


100g oats (1 cup approx USA)
3 massive eggs (3 medium if USA)
1 medium carrot grated
Pinch of salt
3 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp leaven
Optional: one tsp honey
4 massive tablespoons of twenty-two Greek yoghurt (not Greek vogue yogurt)


Blitz this all at once during a liquidizer and put aside. The mixture ought to be rather like traditional batter consistency. If it's too thick add somewhat a lot of Greek yoghurt, if it's too skinny add a trifle a lot of carrot.

Get a frypan nice and hot with somewhat oilseed oil/sunflower oil in it. Pour the mixture into the pan to create four pancakes.

Cook for a few of minutes on all sides till golden brown and seared through.

chif lorraine pascale
Johny Jul 23 '14 · Tags: dessert, cake, pancakes, pancake, carrot

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