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Apple has taken on Dropbox and WhatsApp with a series of computer code upgrades that mimic the rival apps' services.

At its annual conference for computer code developers, the firm undraped iCloud Drive, AN internet-based storage app, that works on Apple systems and PCs.

In a shot to stay customers victimisation all its technologies, Apple improved integration for calls and messages across its devices.

It additionally undraped new mobile and desktop in operation systems.

Apple's iMessage app was given further options, a number of that area unit the same as rival service WhatsApp, recently nonheritable by Facebook for $19bn (£11.3bn).

Users are ready to simply produce and modify cluster messages, send voice clips with one swipe, and even produce and exchange short video clips.

The ability to send and receive text messages across all Apple devices was additionally introduced.

Jan Koum, WhatsApp's co-founder, reacted to Apple's announcement by tweeting:

"Very ingratiatory to visualize Apple "borrow" various WhatsApp options into iMessage in iOS eight #innovation"

Apple additionally introduced HealthKit computer code that works with third-party wearable health devices.

A parallel app, referred to as Health, measures users' individualised care statistics, and even contacts their hospital directly if it notices irregularities.

"The ANnouncements represent an formidable move to diversify the Apple system into variety of recent segments," same Geoff Blaber, AN analyst at the CCS Insight practice.

"Critics can complain of no new devices however the Worldwide Developers Conference creates the inspiration for the merchandise [Apple chief executive] Tim Cook is promising within the last half of the year."

iCloud Drive permits users to avoid wasting ANy style of file on the firm's remote servers then access it via an iOS device, mackintosh laptop or Windows computer.

Users don't need to pay an additional fee unless they require use over 5 gigabytes of storage.

That is over Dropbox's 2GB sign-up allowance, however but Google Drive's 15GB provision, Microsoft One Drive's 7GB limit and Box's 10GB cap.

Apple's service includes the power to email attachments of up to 5GB, one thing additionally offered by Dropbox and go forth - a specialist data-sharing facility.

However, Apple created no mention of iCloud Drive being accessible via golem, in contrast to the opposite services that supply apps via Google's Play store.

"iCloud drive [is a] big wheel at shopper Dropbox, if it works well," tweeted Benedict Evans, AN analyst at risk capital firm Andreessen piano player - a nod to the very fact that Apple has baby-faced issues with its on-line services within the past.

Former chief govt Steve Jobs had antecedently tried to shop for Dropbox, reportedly warning its founders that he meant to travel when an equivalent market once they refused.

Automated homes

The latest version of Apple's software system for desktops and laptops, entitled OS X ten.10 waterfall, options a two-dimensional style, and nearer integration with alternative Apple devices, permitting users to form and receive calls and text messages from their iPhone on their desktops or laptops.

Like its precursor, Mavericks, OS X waterfall are created out there as a free update to existing mackintosh users.

Apple boss Tim Cook additionally showcased the school giant's forthcoming mobile software system, iOS 8, and emphatic cross-device integration. One feature, Handoff, permits users to start out a task on one device and instantly decide it au courant another.

Apple's computer code engineering vice-president, Craig Federighi, additionally undraped HomeKit, that permits users to manage their home surroundings with smartphones.

"Only your iPhone will open your garage door, or unlock your door," he told the audience in metropolis.

"With Siri integration you'll say one thing like 'get prepared for bed' and be assured that your garage door is closed, your door is fastened, the thermostat is down and your lights area unit dim."


Analysis: Richard Taylor, BBC North America technology correspondent

Today's non-announcements of much-rumoured merchandise like AN "iWatch" can foil people who had hoped for the "amazing and exciting" new devices that Apple boss Tim Cook has secure this year.

But really this conference was invariably about to be regarding computer code instead of new devices; the Cupertino-based firm can leave those to the fall in time for the vacation season spree.

As foretold Apple is a minimum of dipping its toes into new waters. If the health-centric options area unit well-executed, and may reconcile the varied ways utilized by fitness band manufacturers to live our organ, then it might so prove a strong one-stop buy this info. the large unknown: will it presage the introduction of Apple's own biometric-sensor wristwatch?

Similarly the HomeKit could be a welcome plan to unify the multitude of good devices commencing to seem in our homes - however here precious very little detail was forthcoming.

As individuals progressively use multiple devices - laptops, tablets and smartphones - a lot of of the main focus was predictably on streamlining the user expertise between them. Amongst the numerous enhancements were some genuinely exciting innovations - like creating or receiving phone calls on any close Apple device.

But alternative "innovations" can already be somewhat acquainted to golem smartphone users - like iCloud Drive, prophetical text and also the ability to use completely different keyboards. Apple can hope that its scrupulous attention to style and value can provides it a foothold, and pass away your time to persuade industry-watchers uneasily looking forward to Tim Cook to deliver on "the next huge thing".


Fingerprint access

Apple additionally declared it might open up its bit ID fingerprint recognition technology to third-party computer code developers - permitting device house owners to avoid having to kind in passwords - and let users install various keyboards as well as Nuance's Swype.

Lea Simpson, strategy director at digital agency assume, told the BBC this year's conference "feels just like the most 'open' Apple has ever been in each content and tone," because it declared integration with outside partners.

For example, the Health app can integrate knowledge from Greek deity and alternative firms' fitness apps, and also the school firm is additionally operating with treatment company salad dressing Clinic within the US and NHS university Trust within the United Kingdom.

Last week, Apple declared it absolutely was shopping for earphone maker and music streaming service Beats for $3bn - the company's biggest acquisition so far.

No any details on the Beats deal were disclosed, however co-founder ANd hip-hop star Dr Dre did build an look as a caller in an exceedingly demonstration of however a mackintosh laptop will currently be wont to build and receive calls if it's joined to the owner's iPhone.

Apple shares, that are doing well recently, closed regarding zero.7% lower on the day.

Apple is requesting a trial once a Californian jury ordered Samsung to pay the America company $119m (£71m) in damages for infringing 2 of its patents.

Apple had been seeking damages of $2.2bn once accusatory Samsung of repeating 5 patents as well as the "slide to unlock function".

The America company conjointly filed a cease and desist order to forestall Samsung exploitation the patents it had been found to own infringed.

Samsung filed court documents too however the contents haven't been created public.

During the initial trial Apple had suspect Samsung of "systematically" repeating options distinctive to its iOS software system. Samsung denied that it had traced Apple patents and aforesaid it had been Apple World Health Organization was doing the repeating.

The jury found that Apple had infringed some Samsung patents and awarded $158,000 in damages to the South Korean firm.

"Litigation fatigue"

Although the jury found in Apple's favour in respect of 2 of the patents, the damages awarded were abundant not up to the corporate had been seeking.

The verdict would are a blow for Apple aforesaid the BBC's North America technology correspondent Richard Taylor, speaking at the time.

"The figure would seem to mirror the jury's belief that Apple's settlement claim was below the belt inflated. Samsung argued right along that it ought to be way not up to the $2.2bn sought, not least as a result of a number of the patents were ne'er even incorporated into the iPhone's software system," he said.

This latest legal step is an effort by Apple to own its damages award accrued however it'd need a brand new trial.

Intellectual property Associate in Nursingalyst Florian Mueller thinks any new trial is unlikely to happen before an charm of the initial ruling.

"The decide could build some minor amendments to the decision then again she'll let the parties charm the unfavourable components of the ruling to the Federal Circuit. Thereafter, there is also a trial." he said.

These requests by Apple mark the most recent instalment in an exceedingly series of legal battles over material possession that the world's prime 2 smartphone manufacturers are fighting for years across several countries.

Two years agone, a separate jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $930m once finding it had used Apple technology. That finding continues to be being challenged by Samsung.

But Mr Mueller thinks Apple is also suffering "litigation fatigue", he recognized that Apple has not filed a America case against Samsung in additional than 2 years.

Apple recently settled a patent row with Google. the 2 corporations had filed many lawsuits against each other however they united to dismiss these cases and aforesaid they'd work along in "some areas of patent reform".
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