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Another fun application online chat service: the free sites without registration, where it is possible to talk with random strangers.
The principle of traditional chat is over here enriched by the sound and the picture because users can view during discussion.
To use this service, you must have a webcam and microphone to chat with other users.

The principle is simple. When one connects to such a site, you never know who is going to be connected. This is the idea of ​​"roulette". Chance reigns supreme in this chat.

If the person is not interested in a discussion with the unknown is presented to him, a simple click on the icon "buzz" lets move on to someone else. One can thus link the events to suit his desires.

Users of this site are looking for an entertaining service, a new fun activity that can, why not lead to a friendship or even love.
The success of the site was so important that it has been copied by many other sites that in turn visiochat a service, based on the model of random encounters of this kind of website.


Increasingly, the free online chat will extend the net, interactively, a radio or TV show.
Indeed, many programs (whether TV or radio) propose, after their distribution, to meet a documentary, a news story or a TV show -reality.

Visitors then find (usually on the broadcaster's website) stakeholders of these different types of programs and ask them questions directly.
The chat allows listeners and viewers to give their feelings directly following the broadcast of a program and go further in fiction or in information.

Great news bulletins from the traditional clipboard, as "Monde", "Libération" and "Le Figaro" also offer free online chat service.
The readers of these newspapers can and bounce directly on current topics of interest. Information becomes truly interactive.

Some media create the event by announcing a few days before the visit of a public figure on chat.
The buzz generated by this type of operation usually attracts many fans excited to interact directly with their favorite star.)
The topical chats are, with very few exceptions, all free.


Free chat users are very fond of games of all kinds.
Chat allows interactivity between several players, even if they are separated geographically.
There are a multitude of traditional games on chats services : For example, Scrabble or Uno or console games (Playstation, for example) that allow you to chat with other players online while leading a party.
You can dialogue with friends with their nicknames or meet new people through soccer games, or arcade racing.

More complex games like network games (like World of Warcraft, for example) also have an instant messaging system. The player avatars can lead to real conversations in real time and create interactivity unmatched in part.
Internet users, anywhere in the world can communicate with each other and recreate a virtual community whose members get to know each extremely well. In this type of online games, most chats are held in English.

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