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This site has way to many scammers on it.   Woman posting fake beautiful photos that belong to someone else.They claim to live in 1st world country, then make lame reason for being in africa.   How the hell do you report people on here?
stuart t Nov 17 '14 · Comments: 7
You have chosen as thousands of people already here, trusting MUCHFRIENDS.COM You are single and looking for a durable relationship? it is possible now to find the person that matches your search to build a life together and a relationship ot to have friendship. How to find love or friendship on the Internet Everyone knows at least a couple in his entourage who met on a dating site. So do like them and say goodbye to your single life. You want to meet the love that you dream? You make new friends? Then this place is for you.... more
Much Friends Jun 7 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: chat room, dating site, online chat, chat online
In your opinion, what is the result of the final game?
pedro May 8 '14 · Comments: 2
Jasmine Jun 7 '14 · Comments: 2
This is one in all my favorite recipes within the book. i believe it became that as a result of it absolutely was such an enormous challenge to induce it right. Initial tries resulted in a very filling that was ripping and not setting, and it absolutely was robust to drag aloof from my bakery routes and not simply add various sugar to induce it right. once abundant trial and error I gift to you a tasty tart that appearance terribly pretty on the plate. Serves 6 Equipment 20cm round, loose-bottomed straight-sided tart tin, 3... more
Johny Jul 19 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: lemon, recipes, vanilla, cream, yogurt, cream cheese
Bianca May 8 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
You are the sunlight in my day,You are the moon i see far away.You are the tree i lean upon,You are the one that makes trouble be gone.You are the one who taught me life,How not to fight,and what is right.You are the words inside my song,You are my love,my life,my mom.You are the the one who care for me,You are the eyes that helped me see.You are the one who knows me best,When its time to have fun,and time to have rest.You are the one who helped me to dream,You hear my heart,and hear my screams.Afraid of life but looking for love,I a... more
Riya May 8 '14 · Comments: 1
The term chat space, or site, is primarily accustomed describe any style of synchronous conferencing, sometimes even asynchronous conferencing. The term will therefore mean any technology starting from period of time on-line chat and on-line interaction with strangers over instant electronic messaging and on-line forums to totally immersive graphical social environments. The primary use of a talk space is to share data via text with a gaggle of alternative users. usually speaking, the flexibility to converse with multiple individu... more
Johny Jul 5 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: chat, chatting, message, room, chatroom, chat room, messaging programs
chat or chatter is a space for a "text talk" in real time between multiple users. Generally reserve the term "chat" to communications systems in place within a website as opposed to the term "instant messaging," representing the dedicated conversation systems operating via the Internet, regardless of the web. The term "chat" comes from the verb "To chat" which means "chat". It also wants an acronym for "Conversationnal Hypertext Access Technology". Unlike a discussion forum, chat conversations are held in real time and are not... more
Much Friends Jun 7 '16 · Comments: 1 · Tags: chat rooms, dating sites, online chat, chat sites
Google has proclaimed the primary smartwatches battery-powered by its automaton Wear OS square measure currently offered for pre-order. The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live - each that includes rectangular screens - mark an endeavor to standardise the method automaton wearable devices operate. Google aforementioned that Motorola's circular Moto 360 wouldn't be free till "later this summer". Analysts say the move to a unified approach may drive sales. "The downside with smartwatches to date has been that the arena ... more
Julia Jun 25 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: android, google, sale, watches, android watches, google watches
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